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Organic (EU/JAS)

Organic Agriculture: is a based on the general principles of agricultural production , which does not allow the use of chemical manufactured fertilizers, as well as pesticides because of their impact on the health and safety of humans, animals and the environment alike.

Diseases had increased and their influence on human health due to the evolution of technology and various aspects of life , for that the need to provide healthy food free of chemicals and residues that affect human health increased , thus the need for organic products , which are produced , stored and handled within the specifications of organic agriculture , which ensures that the use of chemicals in production processes as stated in the specification, with no mixing of organic and inorganic along the production chain with the preservation of the environment and its sustainability ,which requires the development of agricultural practices and increasing the effort of separating products to ensure that no mixing nor mingling is going to happen , which leads to higher prices for organic products from those of inorganic significantly but they are safer , healthier and preserve the environment, as we have said . And can be summarized as the main objectives of organic farming , including the following:

1 . The production of safe food with high nutritional value .

2 . Interaction with nature and their systems and taking into consideration the social and environmental aspects.

3 . Work with the province on the fertility of the soil and protect it from erosion.

4 . safe and healthy use of the water and its sources.

5 . Encourage and activate the system in bio- agriculture , and the use of renewable natural resources .

6 . Reduce the sources of pollution.

7 . Ensure that no use of any genetically modified materials, whether it's a seed or any of the other means of production .



Organic EU Organic JAS


Technical specifications that are issued by the donor of the certificate are followed along the stages of the production chain , and the application of the specifications is verified by third-party certified internationally , and the certificate is issued after achieving all the requirements of organic farming and then provide the product card statement , this card varies, according to the agency responsible for issuing certificates.

Al’ard Co. applied the standards of organic production according to the European specifications (EU), as well as according to the Japanese specifications (JAS), and was granted the logo for each specification to differentiate organic products from other products, and the Control Union checks on Al’ard Products along the production chain and granting products organic certificate allowing it to be traded as an organic product. For more details about the requirements of organic farming please follow the link:

  • Organic Agriculture according to the European standards: Organic EU
  • Organic Agriculture according to the Japanese standards: Organic JAS

Certificate Reference: Organic EU/JAS