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West Industrial Zone, Beit Iba Nablus, Palestine

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who we are

'We are Palestinian; we like to feed people'

We are a third-generation family-run company passionate about making the best Palestinian artisanal food to place on your dining table. Farmers and their glorious land are at the heart of what we do. Because the land is near and dear to our heart, we named our company just that , Al’Ard meaning land in Arabic. 

We believe in organic, environmentally friendly farming because we know that consuming healthy food is so important to maintaining a  healthy body. And, just like our family, our company thrives on   complementing tried and tested traditional knowledge with contemporary practices to provide you with nothing but the finest quality products from Al’Ard. 


Our Story

Ziad Anabtawi started Al’Ard in 2008 to support underprivileged Palestinian farmers struggling to sell their olive oil at a fair market price by providing them with state-of-the-art facilities and helping them reach new global markets. Fast forward 10 years, his son Subhi has returned to Palestine after travelling across Europe learning about organic farming and fair trade practices. Despite the company’s growth, farmers are still our first priority. Our fair and transparent business ethics is helping them access tools, storage facilities, agricultural expertise, and internationally recognized certification. We know what is good for the framer is also good for us, that’s why we all work together hand in hand to make the finest traditional Palestinian foods.  

Our Approuch

We firmly believe that our farmers and producers should come first, that’s why we created the Palestine Fertile Land Alliance bringing together farmers, companies, and consumers. The Alliance ensures top-quality agricultural support take place in a completely transparent manner to look after the interests of farmers and their produce, starting from the field and concluding with the finished product. This Alliance was designed to put farmers in control and help them improve their lives.  Our farmers are excited about this new alliance and so are we.  You can also be part of this alliance by purchasing their delicious, wholesome products. 

Our Vision & Mission


Our vision focuses on supporting the Palestinian agricultural sector to flourish by helping them produce and export high-quality and unique goods. We want farmers to live with dignity on their land, maintaining the stunning landscape of hills, terraces and valleys with respect for the environment and a love of the land. We are committed to supporting green and environmentally-friendly practices.

Meet Our Team

Our team is critical to our success, with each member bringing a unique personality and essential skills to how we get this delicious food to you. We think of our team as our family, which is why so many of them have been working with us for so long.

Abed Haseba

Abed does quality control.  He audits and ensures that the olive oil and other goods remains perfect ensuring no air, light or heat reaches them before they are ready to go.  He and his team check every aspect of the food from testing for the quality of the olive oil while it is with the farmers, through storage, production and ready for shipment.  All of our oil is chemically tested to ensure it meets IOOC standards and also organoleptically tested by an expert who uses sight, smell and taste to ensure only the best.  Abed is a perfectionist and he ensures our products comply with certifications and standard in every country we ship to.

We have him to thank for every perfect item that reaches your kitchen. 

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Abrar is our Alliance champion, working closely with farmers to apply our new approach.  She is responsible to working with farmers and funders to get development programmes that help improve the lives of our farmers and help with their farming and community organisation and assets.

She is instrumental to our ethical strategy and passionate about the farming sector in Palestine. 

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